Once you arrive at your appointment, we’ll go through a number of steps to ensure you leave with the best brows possible!

What do you dream brows look like? We'll discuss what you want (and what you don't want!) We'll talk about the different brow options, the procedure, aftercare basics and any questions you may have!
An anaesthetic will be applied during your procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you are really sensitive or worried about pain, we can also pre-numb you before beginning the procedure.
Brow Mapping
Your brows will be mapped out according to your facial proportions and measurements. I'll draw in a shape that fits well. We'll adjust the shape until it looks good to you!
Brow Color
We will choose the perfect pigment color based to match your brow hair. Your hair color and skin tone will also be considered when selecting a color. I have a range of high quality pigments with a color for everyone!
Microblading a permanent makeup technique that gives us nice, crisp lines that resemble brow hair. Each stroke is drawn one by one with a manual, sterile tool. I'll look over each and every stroke to ensure that is at the proper depth and contains enough pigment for best results.

Not everyone will retain microbladed strokes well. It works better on normal to dry skin with smaller pores. People with oiler skin and larger pores are better candidates for combo or ombré powder brows.
Shading is done by machine and a very fine sterile needle. It can remain very soft and natural or be built up for a more intense filled in with makeup look. Shading is important because it can more definition than microblading alone. We can add a little or a lot of shading to microblading or do a full shaded ombré powder brow.

If you want to stop filling your brows in with makeup completely, you'll want to add some shading to your brows.