Training and Resources for Brow Artists

Bellabrow Pro offers Beginner's Trainings, Advanced Technique Trainings and Products for Brow Artists.



All trainings have been designed to be comprehensive and straight to the point, covering everything you will need to get started in this field and more!

All courses are small group trainings with no more than 1-4 students per class. All courses include a mini kit with supplies to service at least 10 clients.


Online Modules

Once you sign up, you'll get access to online modules that will introduce you to tattooing basics, resources and things you will need to get started.

Live Training

In person, we will review material from the online modules and dive deeper into best practices and perfecting technique with a number of exercises, activities and demos.

Live Models

Complete a one-on-one supervised procedure (*in certain courses). You will also complete case studies on your own that you will submit for feedback and critique.

Additional one-on-one sessions can be scheduled for more assistance if needed (additional fees apply).


Bellabrow has a practice room available to be used by students at no cost to complete your first case studies. After that, the room may be reserved at a daily rate (*based on availability).

You will also receive additional resources including: Social Media + Marketing, Photography, Business 101, and more.

Training for Beginners

All beginner trainings will cover:

  • Setting up your business and state requirements (specifically NC, but I can help you navigate requirements for other states)
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Contraindications
  • Skin color theory
  • Pigment color selection
  • Brow mapping and shaping
  • Tools
  • Procedure set up
  • Proper technique
  • Stroke patterns or shading patterns
  • Practice on latex
  • Live Model
  • How to practice to get better and better
  • Consulting with your clients
  • Basic marketing
  • Photographing your work
  • Building your client base and more!
Microblading + Machine Shading


If you are just getting started in your permanent makeup career, you will find it beneficial to learn both microblading and shading. You will see different clients with different skin, brows and desired outcomes. It is your job as the artist to determine what technique or combination of techniques will give them the best healed results. Save big by learning them at the same time!




This course is for beginners and will get you started with all the tools and knowledge you will need to begin your journey as a microblading artist.


Machine Shading

This course is for beginners and will get you started with all the tools and knowledge you will need to begin your journey with machine shading (ombré and powder brows). This brow style is versatile. It can be very natural, intense or anywhere in between. This technique is a good option for most clients.


Advanced Technique Trainings

Already a practicing artist? Want to add a new technique to your skillset? Or maybe you have taken a basic course already and still have a lot of questions and aren't feeling that confident? The advanced training course is for you! We'll skip all the intro and basic information and get straight to technique, best practices, etc. If there are certain areas you are struggling with, we will address those topics.

We will cover:

  • Technique
  • Proper Depth
  • Even Saturation
  • Customizing Techniques to achieve different results
  • Common Mistakes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Brow Mapping and Shaping
  • How to practice to get get better and better and more!

Advanced Microblading (Technique Only, for Microbladers)

For already practicing artists who want to strengthen their microblading skills and expand on stroke patterns, depth, pigment implantation and more! *Proof of a previous course certificate or permit is required to enroll in this course.


Machine Shading (Technique Only, for Microbladers)

If you already microblade, adding shading to your service list will be a game changer! Since all clients are not ideal candidates for microblading, shading will give these clients a better option. This course will help you strengthen your existing permanent brow skills, learn how to customize shading to meet your clients preferences, create different brow styles, ombré brows and more! *Proof of a previous course certificate or permit is required to enroll in this course.


Other Courses

Brow Mapping + Drawing (for any Profession)

This course is for practicing brow artists or any other profession that would benefit from strengthening their brow shaping skills. Learn my methods for getting balanced brows every time. How to get super natural brows, super crispy brows, and everything in between. We'll draw tons of brows, critique and grow!


Shadow Session

Spend the day with me and observe the days brow procedures. View my setup, technique and get answers to your questions.


Online Resources


Starting a Tattoo Business in NC
Thinking about launching your business and don't know where to start? Heres what NC requires to get up and running.

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Microblading Supply Checklist

Here's my full supply list of things you'll need to have to run your microblading business.

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Printable Face Chart

Practice your brow mapping skills with the Bellabrow Face Chart. 

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Printable Brow Page

Practice your stroke pattern skills with the Bellabrow Brow Page. 

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New Client Forms

New client forms for you to keep on file. Include sections for: Client Information, Medical History, Client Consent, Photography Release, etc. (*May be customized for additional fee) 

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Client Procedure Notes

Keep track of your clients sessions and specifications with this note chart. Includes areas for comments about client's goals, procedure, pigment type and more. (*May be customized for additional fee) 

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Brow Ruler (Pack of 50)

These brow ruler stickers are great for the perfect brow map and pre-draw on your clients. Pack of 50.

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Full Page Stencil for Latex (Gold)

This stencil helps you quickly trace brows onto latex for microblading or permanent brow practice. 

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