Am I a Good Candidate?

Unfortunately, you are NOT a good candidate for permanent brows if any of the following currently apply: 

× Under the age of 18

× Pregnant

× Breastfeeding

× General poor health or slow healing

× Currently undergoing chemotherapy

× Uncontrolled diabetes

× Using Accutane

Please get a doctors clearance if any of the following apply:

× History of keloids of hypertrophic scarring

× Chemotherapy in the past year

× Any other viral infections, diseases or medical concerns

Before your appointment, please be sure not to:

× Have any botox or fillers one months before or after your appointment

× Use strong chemical peels or facial products containing retinol

× Take any blood thinning medications

× Wax your brows

× Have any irritation, bumps or sunburn on your brow area


Typically, the most ideal skin type for microblading is dry to normal skin. Clients with oily skin and large pores or textured skin may have a harder time retaining the pigment or having crisp defined strokes. Other brow techniques may be more suitable for clients with this type of skin.

Shaded Brows (Combo, Ombré)

Shaded brows are good for pretty much all skin types. We can adjust the saturation to be soft or heavy depending on preference.

Previous Permanent Makeup

If you have had any previous permanent makeup on your brows before please email a clear photo of your brows to [email protected].

*While every effort is made to determine if you are a good candidate for microblading and permanent brows, results vary and no guarantee can be made about how your skin will respond to the treatment.